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  • Availability of soil samples (June 29, 2021)

Availability of soil samples (June 29, 2021)

    Dia de Wijs
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    Asked by Dia de Wijs 121 days ago Answers (1)

    Regarding the existing soil samples from the Geotechnical investigations by Fugro: are soil samples still available for further advanced lab testing after tender award?

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      • Dia de Wijs
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        Dia de Wijs 121 days ago

        Remaining sample material will be handed over to the winner(s) of the permit tenders HKW. Reference is made to the overview of sample material in Appendix 3 of Offshorewind.rvo.nl: Report – Geotechnical Borehole Locations HKW - Fugro.

        The file can be found under item 5 at: Offshorewind.rvo.nl: Data - Digital Deliverables Geotechnical Borehole Locations - Fugro, following the path; \HKW_20201020_FNLM_Digital Deliverables Geotechnical Borehole Locations _V03_F\05 HKW_20201016_FNLM_BH_SUM_XLSX_V08_F.7z\05 BH - XLS SUM\02 Overview Remaining Sample Material\.

        In the case that there are two different winners of the HKW permit tenders, the samples will be split per Wind Farm Site. Please note that for this splitting a lead time of 5 weeks is anticipated.

        RVO supports that after the permit holder has made use of remaining sample material, the sample material will be made available for scientific purposes for which results are to be disclosed in the public domain.