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  • Telecom cable UK-Netherlands 14 (August 20th, 2019)

Telecom cable UK-Netherlands 14 (August 20th, 2019)

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    Asked by WOZ_RVO.nl 767 days ago Answers (1)

    Telecom cable UK-Netherlands 14 (number 5, fig 4.1 in Appendix C) is stated as being active however the cable seems to terminate mid-way in the HKNWFZ. Please clarify.

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      • WOZ_RVO.nl
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        WOZ_RVO.nl 767 days ago

        In the 5th August 2019 update of the PSD Annex C the status of cable UK-Netherlands 14 (no. 5 in the Appendix) was changed from 'abandoned by end 2018' into the status active. During the geophysical survey this cable was detected partly (as presented in the PSD Annex C. Rijkswaterstaat can deliver on request the as laid data for the not detected part of this cable. Requests can be send to Servicedesk Data (CIV) e-mail: servicedesk-data@rws.nl