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  • Wind direction measurements HKZA and HKZB (November 27, 2017)

Wind direction measurements HKZA and HKZB (November 27, 2017)

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    Asked by WOZ_RVO.nl 1514 days ago Answers (1)

    There seems to be a consistent difference of ~5° in the wind direction measurements of HKZA and HKZB. Is there any explanation, given the small distance between the 2 positions?

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      • WOZ_RVO.nl
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        WOZ_RVO.nl 1514 days ago

        Ecofys WTTS confirms that the two wind direction measurements (HKZA and HKZB, at 100 m) can differ by about 5 degrees. However, the difference is not sufficiently regular to be considered as a static bias, nor is there any evidence of changing behaviour with time, as can be seen in the sample time series. A scatter plot of the wind directions indicates excellent agreement between the two measurement sources. The differences observed between the two buoys are within the measurement uncertainty of the direction sensors, and may reflect actual differences between the two locations at each time step. The fit has a slope near unity, but deviates slightly from 1.0 due to the 5 degrees shift. The temporal differences are not seen in the average wind roses, which are nearly identical between HKZA and HKZB, at 100 m. Please find additional information in the memo (see attachment)

        20171123_HKZ_Memo Combined WRA Questions20171123_HKZ_Memo Combined WRA Questions