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  • Bird Observation System (June 27, 2017)

Bird Observation System (June 27, 2017)

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    According to article 4.3.b of the draft WFSD, “a system that effectively observes actual bird migration“ will be installed. The permit holder has to allow for the connection of that bird observation system with the control system of the wind turbines. However, it is unclear who has to install the bird observation system and bear the associated costs – either the permit holder or the Ministry of Economic Affairs. Is the bird observation system included in the environmental monitoring and evaluation programme that will be implemented by the ministry (see article 5.1 of the draft WFSD)?

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        The location of the bird radar system is not yet known. It could be on the TenneT platform or on (a) wind turbine(s). The costs for the bird radar system are on the account of the government. If the system is to be installed on (a) windturbine(s), then it is mandatory that the permit holder cooperates with the government and gives access to the wind turbine(s) for the installation and maintenance of the bird radar system.