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  • CPT's in GEF format (25-07-2016)

CPT's in GEF format (25-07-2016)

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    With regards to the upcoming tender for Borssele III and IV: Included in the information provided by RVO is soil investigation information as provided by Fugro. The Fugro soil investigation reports comprise CPTs in PDF-format. We would like to receive the CPTs in the so-called GEF-format (Geotechnical Exchange Format), which enables us to efficiently process the soil investigation information. These GEF-format files can be provided by Fugro. Could RVO acquire these files from Fugro?

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        We interpreted that you do not have access to digital data as it is mentioned that “The Fugro soil investigation reports comprise CPTs in PDF-format”, whereas CPT data has also been issued to RVO in the form of AGS 4.0 and ASCII data. GEF and AGS files contain in principle the same measured data, AGS also contains derived parameters besides measured data only. AGS is an industry-accepted standard format which is internationally used by contractors in the geotechnical field. We advise you on the use of AGS and ASCII files for processing of CPT data.