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  • Geotechnical deliverables BWFS III & IV (17-03-2016)

Geotechnical deliverables BWFS III & IV (17-03-2016)

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    We have noticed that there is some data lacking in the technical deliverable from Fugro. The AGS4 deliverable for the Laboratory testing is incomplete, with one of the groups related to the Particle Size distribution, GRAT, totally absent. The plotting of any PSDs needs this group along with its parent group, GRAG. Is it possible to have this deliverable reviewed by Fugro to allow for a proper transfer of the Particle size data?

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        Information provided by the GRAG group in the AGS 4.0 files includes data points presented on the geotechnical log, i.e. percentages gravel, sand, silt, clay and fines. The scope of work for this project does not dictate laboratory data AGS files to include individual sieve openings and percentages passing, hence no data is presented for the GRAT group.