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Coordinates (25-02-2016)

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    Asked by WOZ_RVO.nl 2103 days ago Answers (1)

    The data package for the BWFZ included among others coordinates for the site boundaries, cable and pipeline maintenance zones & parcels. However, according to the coordinates provided in this data package the parcels are falling within the cable & pipeline maintenance zones. Could you please provide us with consistent coordinates? Data consistency up to centimeter level is of utmost importance for our wind park design.

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      • WOZ_RVO.nl
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        WOZ_RVO.nl 2103 days ago

        The boundaries of the Wind Farm Sites as (to be) published in the Wind Farm Site Decisions are binding. In some cases the as found data of the telecom cables and pipelines are not exactly in the middle of the 1,000 metres maintenance zone due to small bends. A new memo with coordinates and GIS file has been made available on 25th February 2016. Please note: The exact boundaries of BWFS will be published in the final Wind Farm Site Decisions.

        The memo is an update of the boundaries published previously in the draft Wind Farm Site Decisions and will be used as input for the final Wind Farm Site Decisions.

        Please note that only the boundaries in the final Wind Farm Site Decisions are legally binding. The memo and GIS file confers no rights and is provided for convenience purpose only.