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PSD/Applicable Law (25-02-2016)

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    Regulation 5 Monitoring and evaluation programme from Borssele I & II Appendix B ‘Applicable Law for Offshore Wind Energy’ states that: d) The Minister of Economic Affairs will create an environmental monitoring and evaluation programme. The permit holder will collaborate as far as possible, without financial compensation, in this monitoring and evaluation programme. The footnote to this states ‘The aim of this programme is set out in Appendix 1 of this decision’. Can you please clarify where I can find Appendix 1 with these details? By ‘decision’, does it mean the sign off for the projects to go ahead which is currently delayed? Are there any projected costs for assisting in the monitoring – is the developer just responsible for allowing monitoring to take place, or does the developer also have to fund additional monitoring schemes?

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        WOZ_RVO.nl 2103 days ago

        ‘Decision’ refers to the Wind Farm Site Decision. The reference to “Appendix I of this decision” is not correct. The reference should be "The aim of the monitoring programme is set out in section II of the (draft) Wind Farm Site Decision (available in Dutch only)".
        Collaboration with the Ministry of Economic Affairs is mandatory and restricted to allowing monitoring to take place and assist herein. The developer will not be compensated for the costs of this collaboration and assistance. The developer does not have to fund additional monitoring schemes.