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  • PSD - Electrical Infrastructure - J-tubes (23-02-2016)

PSD - Electrical Infrastructure - J-tubes (23-02-2016)

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    The PSD BWFS I and II V2, august 2015, Section 6.2.6 “Electrical Infrastructure” mentions:
    • six 66 kV bays for the inter-array cables per PPM, resulting in four bays "one string – one bay" and two bays "two strings – one bay" on the offshore substation; and
    • 18 J-tubes for the inter array cables:
    o 2x 8 J-tubes for offshore PPM
    o 1 J-tube installed for possible test purposes
    o 1 J-tube installed for the connection to the neighbouring platform.
    It is assumed that the test J-tube and the one for the neighbouring platform cannot be utilized for the inter-array cables.  If so, why are the J-tubes for the export cables not listed?

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        In the  published draft scenario offshore wind energy dated 16-12-2015 (will be renamed to ‘development framework for the offshore grid’); a number of 2 J-tubes is listed for the 220 kV export cables.