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  • Geophys .dat files BWFS III (21-01-2016)

Geophys .dat files BWFS III (21-01-2016)

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    Dear Sir or Madam, for a 3D-GIS-Project I tried to download the grid-data for the wind-farm Borssele III and IV. The grid-data-folder in http://offshorewind.rvo.nl/file/owner/WOZ_RVO.nl#39047072 is empty. Is it possible to get the grid-data for the geological units? 

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        WOZ_RVO.nl 693 dagen geleden

        The requested grid data on the geological charts (appendix N) of BWFS III and IV could not be uploaded due to technical problems. These problems are solved and you can find the grid data here.

        All geophysical site investigations data (including the .dat files) on BWFS III, IV and V is available on hard disk. You can order the hard disk here: http://offshorewind.rvo.nl/file/download/40117062