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  • Is a more extensive UXO study scheduled? (09-12-2015)

Is a more extensive UXO study scheduled? (09-12-2015)

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    There is an UXO desk study with scarce information. This is especially sensitive around wrecks, as the identification of magnetic objects can be troublesome since the wrecks hold a lot of magnetic material by themselves. More magnetic objects will most likely be found, if a survey with closer line spacing is performed. It must also be addressed that objects will be buried and emerge on seabed by the dynamic seabed movements. Evaluation of possible burial depth of UXO is missing. Question: is a more extensive and complete UXO study scheduled?

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        There is no other UXO study scheduled. In the UXO desk study it was adviced to undertake a detailed UXO survey close to the start of construction. A detailed study at this stage would not have an added value due to the dynamic behaviour of the Wind Farm Zone.