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  • Availability LiDAR Data (01-12-2015)

Availability LiDAR Data (01-12-2015)

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    Asked by WOZ_RVO.nl 2188 days ago Answers (1)

    I am trying to retrieve LiDAR Data from the floating LiDAR at the Borssele Center. As described on the website, I only ask (statistical) data per month. Is it correct that for now only data from 15-06-2015 until 14-08-2015 is available? If yes, when can we expect more data become available?

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      • WOZ_RVO.nl
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        WOZ_RVO.nl 2188 days ago

        Yes, it is correct that at November 27th two monthly periods have been published. Please note that these are updates of the wind direction data of the first two periods, due to a correction of this data. Data for period three is (after quality assurance and quality check) scheduled for publication in week 51.