General information Borssele WFZ

Wind Farm Zone Borssele, 344 km2 in total, is divided into 5 sites. Sites I, II and IV can accommodate 350 MW plus 30 MW overplanting. Site III can accommodate 330 MW plus 30 MW overplanting. Site V is for innovations and can accommodate 20 MW. TSO TenneT will build grid connections and construct two offshore substations in the wind farm zone. WTG’s connect directly to these substations.

Planning of the subsidy and permit tenders:

Wind Farm Sites I & II (2x350 MW):
has been awarded to Dong Energy Borssele 1 B.V.

Wind Farm Sites III & IV (330 MW and 350 MW):
has been awarded to Blauwwind II C.V. (a consortium of Shell, Van Oord, Eneco and Diamond Generating Europe)

Wind Farm Site V (20 MW): The tender for this Innovation Site will open in Q4 2017.

The Project and Site Description summarizes the design information and is the reading guide for the deliverables of the site investigations.

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