Data - GIS Wind Farm Site Extension Area HKW - Fugro

An additional cone penetration test (CPT) is conducted for HKW due to a recent change in the boundary in the southwest corner of Wind Farm Site VII (HKWWFS VII).

The 'Report - Wind Farm Site Extension Area HKW – Fugro' describes the geological and geotechnical soil conditi­ons within this extension area, the site suitability, and the results of the additional CPT. No new soil provinces were identified in the extension area compared to the ones defined in the geotechnical parameters report of HKWWFZ.

These data files comprise the following data types:

1) AGS 4.0: seafloor CPT data;

2) Downhole CPT data;

3) ASCII: seafloor CPT data;

4) ArcGIS: geological ground model GIS data files.