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03 GIS - Wind Resource Assessment - Tractebel

03 GIS - Wind Resource Assessment - Tractebel

Average wind speed at 100m map files for Hollandse Kust (west), including

  1. HKWWFZ - WRG 100m.dbf
  2. HKWWFZ - WRG 100m.prj
  3. HKWWFZ - WRG 100m.qpj
  4. HKWWFZ - WRG 100m.shp
  5. HKWWFZ - WRG 100m.shx
  6. HKWWFZ - WRG 100m.xml
  7. HKW-Dowa-100m-6nodesforced-12m-v5.wrg
  8. HKW-Dowa-100m-6nodesforced-extended-12m-v5.wrg 


The .wrg files (7 and 8) are provided as an indication of the wind conditions on site. The .wrg files have been generated according to industry best practice and derived from data produced as part of the WRA using settings and parameters as deemed appropriate by the author. It is for the end user to determine if the .wrg files are appropriate for use.