Report - 3D Geotechnical Model - Arcadis

Report - 3D Geotechnical Model - Arcadis
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Report - 3D Geotechnical Model - Arcadis

By Dia de Wijs 25 October 2019 @ 10:39am

This report presents the Pilot of a 3D Geotechnical Ground Model which was developed based on the extensive data set collected in the geophysical and geotechnical campaigns in the area of the Hollandse Kust (noord) (HKN) Wind Farm Zone (WFZ). The reports and data referred to have been published at

This report strives for the development of a 3D model following the layering approach for the HKN-WFZ. This shall enable developers and end-users to determine the design-relevant layers at any potential wind turbine location for the preliminary design. The 3D model and the application of the characteristic geotechnical parameters, delivered in the report, can serve as a solid basis for every foundation design in the HKN-WFZ and can contribute to the park layout planning. Furthermore, this 3D model may help to reduce the number of additional site investigations in the post-tender phase.

The ground conditions at HKN are characterized by inhomogeneous soil conditions, represented by several layers which are not present across the whole site and a dominant layer of sands, originating from different geological ages and deposit in different densities and with different fine and coarse content. These differences were mostly not traceable with geophysical measurements, which made the allocation of subdivided layers ambitious. The interpretation of the soil layer between the geotechnical investigation points (CPTs and Boreholes) have been made by a thorough geological and geotechnical interpretation but remains an approximation of the real in situ conditions.

Regarding the Geological Model, recommends the approved and certified geological ground model delivered by Fugro as official reference for further use: 

The aim to develop a 3D geotechnical ground model which should also subdivide the most relevant unit D required a more detailed interpretation of this unit. This geological interpretation in the present report is only serving to define the 3D boundaries in areas where the geotechnical and the geophysical boundaries were not precise or had to be interpolated.

The 3D model and the characteristic parameters have to be applied with cautiousness and engineering judgement due to above mentioned limitations. Considering this, these values provide a detailed insight to the geological and geotechnical conditions at HKN-WFZ. encourages all users of this Pilot of the 3D geotechnical model to share their view of the model and their experiences with the application. For it is of utmost importance to understand the end-users needs and concerns to be able to address them in the upcoming WFZ pre-developments. Your feedback will enable to set the right priorities in the soil investigations and the evaluations and reporting of the results. has following questions:

  1. How will you apply the 3D ground model in your tender preparation?
  2. Which aspects of the 3D ground model do you consider of added value for your tender preparation?
  3. Which further development of such models would you propose or expect from to further improve your project preparation and to reduce your risk perception in relation to the foundation and installation design?
  4. Would you require additional digital data or another file format to maximize the benefit from such 3D Models provided by
  5. In which phases of your design will you make use of the provided 3D ground model and who will be working with the data (internal experts, external consultants/experts)?

Please submit your feedback anytime at:


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