General info

The Wind Farm Site Decisions BWFS III and IV are irrevocable from 21 May 2016. However the coordinates indicating the wind farm site boundaries stated in the rules of the decisions for sites III and IV are incorrect. To rectify this an amendment decision is required. This amendment decision indicates the correct coordinates of the boundaries of sites III, IV and V and of the Inter Array Zones between the wind farms on sites III, IV and V and the Borssele Beta TenneT Platform.

The draft amendment decision is available for inspection from Friday 1 July 2016 until Thursday 11 August 2016. The final amendment decision is expected in September 2016.

In these amending decisions the coordinates will be aligned with ‘Appendix C: Boundaries and coordinates Borssele Wind Farm Zone’. Please note this Appendix confers no rights and is provided for convenience only.